Terms & Conditions - Massy Art

Domain and Hosting 

We give area and facilitating administrations to the site bundles for nothing out of pocket for the primary year utilizing outsider administrations. Massyart.com acknowledges no duty regarding any money related/specialized or any risk at all emerging from glitches in space and facilitating administrations for any customer. Despite the fact that Logo cutting edge assumes liability of speaking with the first area and facilitating administrations suppliers to so as to determine the issues confronted by the customers of Art advanced. 

Conveyance Policy 

We convey all our modified logo plan orders by means of email inside 24 to 72 hours of getting your request. In the event of any cataclysmic or whatever other real setback the conveyance times might be impeded inconclusively. For specific bundles under ordinary conditions we additionally convey the main configuration inside 24 hours of getting request. 

Record Maintenance 

We keep a record of your concluded outline once we give you the last documents. On the off chance that you require the last documents again later on we can send them to you at your solicitation. 

Client Support 

We offer Customer Support to address your inquiries and inquiries amid the available time as it were. We guarantee a quick reaction to your solicitation amid our available time. 

Correspondence Policy 

YOU concur that Logo cutting edge is not at risk for any correspondence from email address(es) other than the ones took after by our own particular space i.e. "..@Massyart.com" or/and any toll free number that is not said on our site. Massy Art ought not be considered in charge of any damage(s) brought on by such correspondence. We just assume liability of any correspondence through email address(es) under our own space name or/and by means of toll free number i.e. as of now said on Massy Art Website. 

Completely Unique Design Guarantee 

At Massy Art we promise that all our logo outlines are special and have no purposeful likeness with the current arrangement of Massy Art or the plans of any outsider.